Why Your Marketing Business Can’t Go Back to Normal

Why your marketing business can't go back to normal

The light at the end of the tunnel that people thought was the end of the pandemic approaching may have been another train for the time being in the form of different COVID-19 variants. This pandemic has left so many of us longing for the way things used to be and aching to return to them. Some things, however, may have permanently changed. Your marketing business may not be able to return to exactly how things used to be.

Before the pandemic began, there was a strong trend heading in the direction of an increasingly digital business model. With so many places forced to close in person businesses and services and find other methods to keep money coming in, that trend has made an absolutely massive jump forward. While brick and mortar businesses that survive pandemic regulations will still have a place in the market, those who don’t create a digital presence will likely find it more difficult to stay afloat.

Customers Have Higher Expectations

The adjustments that businesses have made in order to stay open during the pandemic have had a serious impact on customer expectations. With communication more important now than ever, more than 85% of consumers expect businesses to improve their communications. That is to say nothing of the increased expectation for things like curbside delivery service. Things like this are things that customers want to continue beyond the duration of the pandemic.

Employees Don’t Want Everything to Go Back to How It Was

Customers aren’t the only ones who don’t want everything to go back to how it was before. Some employees have similar desires too. There was a slow trend towards businesses moving to more remote working models, but many of them were forced to accelerate their plans in that direction. Now, employees have enjoyed the extra time that a lack of a commute creates. While there were some adjustments that needed to be made in terms of the work-life balance, there were improvements to be had because of remote working opportunities as well. If your business was one of those, expect some of your employees to be quite reluctant to return to the office.

There’s nothing so constant in life as change, and it applies to every part of life. Personal and business life alike have been permanently altered in some ways by the COVID-19 pandemic. The only thing to do now is to embrace the changes and find ways to make the best of them, both for your life and your marketing business.

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