Reputation Management

What are they saying about you?

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Control the Uncontrollable

Our platform helps eliminate the unpredictability of online reviews and helps you direct happy customers to leave reviews where you need them to.
Unhappy customers are encouraged to start a dialogue and are lead to a customer feedback form that asks for specifics about their issues or concerns.
This provides you the opportunity to address their issues before they become a negative review.

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Reputation Management Step 1

Systematically drive customers to one conversion funnel that routes them to the review sites you care about.

Reputation Management Step 2

Guide unhappy customers to a service recovery, and educate others through completing a review.

Reputation Management Step 3

Automatically ask, remind and guide customers through the process with email, text and print campaigns.

Reputation Management Step 4

Monitor See results with beautiful monthly reports that demonstrate reputational improvement alongside actionable insights into campaign data.

Reputation Management Step 5

Amplify Choose which reviews to stream to your website or share on social media, or have them automatically streamed/shared according to your criteria.

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Customer Reviews are the deciding factor in many purchase decsions.

The problem is there is nothing you can do about their reviews… or is there? What if I told you there is a way to get more positive reviews while getting feedback instead of negative reviews?

Find Out How

  • 1

    Automate the process by setting up multi-channel review acquisition campaigns through email, text messages, or even print

  • 2

    Optimize the volume of reviews on Google, Facebook and even industry-specific review sites that you prefer

  • 3

    Protect your reputation through a proactive system that catches negative feedback for offline recovery


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Other Solutions

Review Acquisition

Manage multiple locations or clients

Collect reviews via customized “review funnel” landing pages and widgets

Embed review collection widgets on business websites, social pages, etc.

Provide a mobile-optimized customer experience through the funnel

Generate reviews on target major, local and industry sites

Segment positive vs. negative feedback to pre-empt negative reviews

Guide customers with clear instructions and conversion triggers for 100s of sites

Engage customers with coupons and offers

Private-label landing pages and widgets under your own brand and domain(s)

Create custom account-level default settings to scale easily

Upload location profiles in bulk via CSV or Excel file

Create and assign new profiles via the API

Review Campaigns

Customize email and text message campaigns, templates, timing and sequence

Automate sending, follow-up, removal and de-duplication of campaign recipients

Upload campaign recipients in bulk via CSV or Excel file

Share access to simple, branded forms for customer onboarding and opt-in

Measure performance with open, click and conversion tracking

Collect reviews on-location with compliant “kiosk mode”

Extend campaigns to all customer interactions with email signature snippets, widgets

Order printed review invites for low-tech, offline campaigns

Exercise complete creative control over email, SMS and MMS templates

Manage and monitor per-profile email and text message limits

Create custom account-level default campaigns to scale easily

Integrate with CRM, POS and other systems through the API

Monitoring and Reporting Features

Monitor major, minor and industry-specific review sites for new reviews

Get review alerts or send to clients or staff based on custom criteria

Coordinate and manage team responses with simple status and notation tools

Respond directly to Facebook and Google reviews from one dashboard

Generate white-labeled performance and trend reports (Web only)

See data on reviewer clicks, click-throughs and conversions through the funnel

Schedule recurring reports to ship to clients/staff via Web, PDF and CSV

Produce aggregate reports for large, multi-location businesses

Surface high- and low-performing clients or locations with account-level dashboard

Setup multiple, recurring reports to go to clients/staff on any schedule

Pull aggregate data from the API for custom reporting

Marketing Features

Auto-share positive reviews (including images) to social media profiles

Stream your latest and greatest reviews to your website

Copy/paste embed code for super easy “social proof”

Control SEO-friendly rich-snippet/schema markup for reviews and aggregate rating

Easily deploy “Review Stream” with WordPress plugin, Joomla and Drupal modules

Private-label widgets and plugins completely

Advanced Features

Multiple user accounts for custom staff and/or client access

Provide a full-featured client dashboard under your brand and domain(s)

Add subusers under their own branding (i.e. agencies under agencies)

Integrate single sign-on (SSO) from other applications

Offer a white-labeled API with all features