What Is an SEO Company?

People have many different ideas about what they think Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies do. Some believe it is marketing, some think it is technical geek stuff, some folks refer to is as "that engine optimization stuff", and others think it is some kind of voodoo magic.

An SEO company is a company helps businesses get found by search engines. This is achieved by improving content on websites in both technical and creative ways. An SEO company, like Central Florida Media Solutions, helps improve a website’s written content to ensure that it is optimized and ready to be found by search engines. Additionally, They also help websites gain authority and trust by practicing off-page techniques.

What Does an SEO Company Do?

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Each SEO agency typically employs some relatively standard practices like site analysis or site audits, backlink analysis, keyword planning, and a monthly report. A good SEO company will also seek to understand your target audience better, provide website design improvements, competitor analysis, and really get your page content optimized for search terms with good traffic.

However, the best SEO companies will go the extra mile providing you more technical on-page optimization like structured data, improved page-speed scores, and quality back-link acquisition strategies as part of their seo campaigns.

Since we are a full-service digital marketing agency, we make performance and user experience, or UX for short, most import in each of our professional web designs. Our team of Orlando web design specialists ensures that your entire website acts as an integrated part of your toolbox of marketing solutions.

Each user interface is uniquely designed with your goals and specifications in mind. A good programmer knows that the UX design and the UI design are extremely important parts for retaining your site visitor.

The UX, UX design, or user experience is what happens while your user is interacting with your homepage and website. And the UI, UI design, or user interface is exactly how your user interacts with the elements on your homepage or your website buttons, menus, etc.

Your website needs to provide useful info and options for your potential clients.

It also needs to function properly on all web browsers and regardless of screen sizes.

You need a responsive site and color scheme that always looks amazing. Your homepage needs to look great on a mobile app browser, a tablet, and a desktop computer.

A good development agency will put together the UX and the UI design, using CSS to give your website or url the best possible experience.

Looking for leads? Put this together with a digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign, and we can help you meet that goal.

What Are SEO Services?

The answer to this question can vary greatly depending on a company, however some basic services included by some of the best seo firms are:

  • Ensure proper integration of SSL so the site displays in https vs. http
  • Ensure the site is mobile-friendly and without issues
  • Ensure the page load speed has been optimized
  • Properly implement structured data on all relevant pages
  • Improve Page content to maximize organic traffic
  • Acquire quality backlinks
  • Perform Image optimization
  • Create list of target keywords that focus on searcher intent
  • Implement Analytics setup and ensure metrics tracking
  • Properly implement the Robots.txt file
  • Mitigate or eliminate site errors
  • Ensure Indexed status with Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  • Create and upload Sitemap
  • Properly implement Meta elements
  • Track metrics to improve conversion rates
  • Perform Content Gap Analysis

Search Engine Optimization - White Hat vs Black Hat

A legitimate SEO company will always practice white hat SEO techniques. White hat can help you rank on the first page of google while black hat techniques will likely land you a "manual action" from Google.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

  • Keyword stuffing your content (>2.5% Keyword Density)
  • Use every variation of the keyword repeatedly
  • Use spammy phrases & content
  • Use duplicate phrases & content
  • Hidden or invisible text or links
  • Negative SEO campaigns against your competitors
  • Deceitful redirects
  • Cloaking
  • Paid link schemes

White Hat SEO

  • Use natural spoken language
  • Include keywords in titles, head tags, alt tags, and throughtout content (.5% - 2.5%)
  • Consider searcher intent
  • Follow best practices
  • Understand that user queries are often question phrases
  • Let user query intent inform your response, which needs to be concise
  • Target long-tail keywords
  • Make action queries a focal point
  • Ensure good local SEO schema or structured data
  • Make sure site stats are good (page load speed, code:content ratio, etc.)
  • GMB profile complete and up-to-date
  • Minimum 25-50 quality citations
  • High-quality backlink profile

How Do I Rank on the First Page of Google Results?

Every seo firm has their own idea of how to best get you to the first page of google, Bing, or Yahoo. However, not every seo team is created equal.

The best way to rank on the first page of google is to follow their EAT principles:

Expertise - this is defined by Merriam Webster's dictionary as, "expert opinion or commentary". This can be demonstrated in the content that you put on your pages. High quality content is worth the time spent.

Authority - this is defined best by your peers or those in your market vertical. When other experts in your field are linking to you as a source, you demonstrate to search engines that your site is authoritative.

Trustworthiness - this can be determined in multiple ways. If many directories or review sites link back to you using the same Name, Address, Phone Number, and URL, search engines can use this as a sign that you are a stable and trustworthy organization. However, if you have many negative reviews on those sites, Google will believe that you are untrustworthy and offer poor service.

Do SEO companies provide measurable results?

Top SEO companies will definitely provide measurable results. Some SEO consultants can not say the same thing, however, leading SEO companies will.

SEO companies provide measurable results in different ways and will provide monthly reporting on those results. Top SEO firms offer reporting on Site audits, backlinks, competition, traffic analytics, and more. If they are also providing you with digital marketing services they will typically provide you all the data in a single report. Some may even offer you a private portal to view all data relevant to your SEO campaign.

Central Florida Media Solutions offers a private portal to each of our clients to ensure that they have access to real-time reports on all of the important PKIs and analytics data, that are relevant to your SEO strategy.

Our SEO agency begins your SEO campaign by first conquering any issues related to your on-page SEO strategy. Most often this includes use of:

  • H-tags
  • Meta tags
  • Title tags
  • Alt tags
  • Canonical References
  • Internal links
  • Sitemap
  • Robots.txt
  • Overly large page size
  • Page errors (4XX & 5XX)
  • Broken links (internal & external)
  • Mobile-friendliness of website
  • SSL implementation
  • Proper implementation of redirects
  • URL implementation
  • Schema or structured data
  • And more

When this is completed we perform keyword research and thoroughly analyze your competition and address gaps in both your content and keyword usage, as compared to your competition.

Once we have ensured that your on-page search engine optimization elements are in place we begin to work our off-page strategy and continue monthly maintenance on your on-page elements. These efforts usually begin with a multi-faceted approach to outreach.

A great SEO company like ours will approach this through multiple avenues like: creating shareable content, performing outreach to industry influencers, seeking out opportunities for guest authoring, performing social media engagement, listing your company on social bookmarking sites and other online directories, completing forum submissions, lining up opportunities for question and answer sessions with relevant websites, and even submitting articles, images, and videos for either publication or backlink opportunities.

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What if I already work with a digital marketing agency?

That is not a problem for our company. While we are a full-service digital agency, we have a myriad of relationships with our clients. We have multiple clients who use our SEO services and digital marketing services but they have a web design company that has been performing wonderfully for years but only does websites. We are fine with that and always excited to meet customers where they are and become a part of their winning strategy.

One thing you will want to consider though, if paid marketing is your only strategy, is what happens when you stop paying for ads? Does your flow of new clients stop coming in?

A high-quality SEO Strategy can improve your ROI and reduce or eliminate your need for advertising. Here is an example of how search engine optimization can help your bottom line:

Let us assume you are spending $10,000/month in advertising to get 5,000 visitors/month. If we again assume that each of these visitors was the result of a cost-per-click (CPC) campaign, you have spent ~$2/click.

If you take a portion of your advertising spend and begin to work your SEO campaign with fervor and end up on the first page of google, you will see a drastic jump in your organic traffic (traffic from searches not paid advertising). When that happens, you begin to see month over month traffic that doesn't rely on paid advertising.

For this example, let's assume you use $3,000/month on your SEO campaign and after 6 months of work you begin to have 3,000 organic visitors/month. If you equate that to a CPC campaign, you are only spending $1/click. This means that you can maintain your current visitor pool each month with only and additional $4,000 in paid advertising.

This example eliminates the need for $6,000 monthly in advertising spend and replaces it with only $3,000 of SEO spend. In essence you have effectively maintained your advertising reach with 30% less budget and drastically improved your return on investment (ROI).

As your SEO efforts begin to take root you will see that you have better ranking for a host of key words and phrases and are able to eliminate the vast majority of your prior advertising budget. The will further increase your ROI and set you up to be in high demand.

It doesn't take much from there to realize that there are definitely cheaper ways to get your business known that paying google to put you at the top. Make your SEO work for you, call an SEO expert today and get found by major search engines.

A quality SEO company can help your business improve search engine rankings. Our SEO team has many years of experience in web design, web development, seo, digital marketing, and content marketing. As an experienced SEO company we have seen both good SEO and bad SEO companies. As an expert SEO company we only use good SEO techniques.

We simply believe that good SEO is the right way to do things and using white hat techniques is the only way to do good SEO. Make using good SEO techniques your choice. One important thing to remember is that if you do not follow the best practices above, Google's algorithm could end up punishing you for a long time.

An SEO Company Can Improve Quality of Website Traffic

Testimonials on this topic can be found all over the web. Whether you look on Moz, Search Engine Journal, or any of the other SEO Industry websites out there, It is easy to find testimonials from agency owners, business owners, freelancers, and even past clients of major SEO companies.

SEO companies improve not just the quantity of traffic coming to your site but also the quality of the traffic as well. Since your organic visitors are finding their way to your site based on internet searches, they are able to find their way directly to your company while searching specifically for your product or service.

If you believe testimonials on websites are too easy to fake and you find it to be a red flag, it is ok. At least it is with a reputable SEO company. Most qualified companies don't mind putting you in touch with past clients or providing you with a list of past clients they have worked with.

If you find yourself in a clutch with no way out. Let our expert SEO consultants teach you how to use that clutch to put you in high gear.

What is the SEO secret sauce?

I love seeing the lists that SEO companies come up with in answering this question. Sometimes an SEO company will pretend like there is some magic ingredients that makes their SEO company so much better than the rest.

The real secret is... there is no secret sauce. A high-quality SEO freelancer or SEO agency will simply follow search engine best practices to get your website to rank well. Whether you only operate within the United States or are an international company, or whether you have an e-commerce website vs your own website that promotes a service, the first thing you need to understand is that SEO is an effective way to grow your business over time but it simply takes time.

If you are a local business that simply wants to be found on Google maps, in the first organic slot, or even just on the first page, A good SEO firm will help provide the insight needed to get your new website found or your ecommerce website in the rankings.

Don't want to get caught by a scam artist? Do you wish to stay away from companies with a bad name? Don't be part of the scam.

Having problems getting to the first page of Google?

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An SEO Company with Next Level SEO Results

Forget the standard SEO contract. We don't do that. We are never under a contract. We work simply on an agreement between business partners. You bring something to the table, I bring something to the table. When you are done with the service we ask that you please give us a 30-day notice to finalize all agreed to services. Nothing more.

However, our customer service combined with increased traffic from our organic SEO, will bring in enough potential clients to make you ready to go to the next level with our SEO company.

All of our clients experience growth in both keyword rank and organic traffic. A word of caution to those who are looking for short-term gains and not long-term growth strategies, choose digital marketing services instead.

The results you should expect from a qualified SEO agency, SEO company, or SEO consultant are improved ranking on relevant keywords, year-over-year increases in your organic web traffic, a lower bounce rate as a result of more targeted visitors visiting through organic search, and in improved online presence that invites your visitors to engage with you.

The right SEO company will be one with a proven track-record. Not only have they gotten themselves to #1 in Google search results but they have done it for others. Our SEO agency has that record. Not only do we rank on the top 5 results for multiple relevant keywords in our niche but we also have many clients who are in the same positions in their niches.

Many SEO companies offer prices on their services that simply don't justify the amount of work it actually takes to show results that are meaningful. Many clients are unsatisfied by services that provide no guarantee. We guarantee results or we will work for free until we do.

We measure growth by using tried and true metrics from Google. Google analytics allows us to analyze your website traffic so that we can better gauge the strength of your online presence. Not only do we track your progress monthly but one of our team members will provide you a report on your progress so that you too can see the results.

When you are paying for marketing efforts from someone you should be able to ask good questions and get good answers. The individual providing your report should also be a good consultant who can help you understand why the data matters in the first place. A good consultant can make the difference. That is why FREE SEO consulting is simply a part of the way we do business. In the long run it keeps the conversations real and the customers happy.

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