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Most business owners want to have a great website that ranks well on Google. However, even most web developers don't understand what Google prefers to see as website conventions or standards. So how can most business owners know or understand what Google wants to see in their website?

We want to provide a sidenote for the proactive business owners that do research and homework on their own to find out the basics of web design and SEO. We are excited to speak with you and strategize about how we can help your web presence improve. We provide clear direction and complete transparency and love answering even the difficult questions you may have.

For the rest of you who want to know but haven't done any research, we would love to help you understand first what needs to be done and why. First step though, is understanding some basics.

What Is an Audit?

Merriam Webster's dictionary defines an audit this way:

Audit (Noun)

1: a formal examination of an organization's or individual's accounts or financial situation

2: a methodical examination and review

Have you spent a lot of money or a lot of time designing your brand-new website only to find out that you can’t even find yourself online, let alone anyone else! Do you need a new client or two on a regular basis? Can you not even remember the last time you actual were able to close a new client? Do you simply expect better for your web presence?

This is a common problem that new business owners or even experienced business owner that are new to the world of online presence, SEO, social network, etc., seem to run into quite frequently.

A Digital Presence Audit is basically a snapshot of your business’ online life.

We seek out mentions of your business, while working through your website and as well as seeing how you stack up against your competitors.

The results of the complete analysis, social media audit, site crawl, or site audits, gives us a clear picture of how visible you are online and helps us to formulate an action plan to get you to your main goal.

Can't Figure Out Why Your Website Won't Rank?

We will provide you a full and complete analysis of your website, your content, your rankings, and your competitors. We will find out exactly WHY you aren't ranking.

Let us help you find a winning strategy.

Types of Audits

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While a Digital Presence Audit gives you a general, overall view of your brand’s presence online, it is comprised of a few other audits that focus on different areas.

These include a website audit that takes a look at your on-page technical SEO key performance indicators or KPIs such as search results, organic traffic, bounce rate, web presence, website load speed, external links, and other page ranking factors from whatever search engine is being used.

An SEO audit is another one of the audits that is included in the Digital Presence Audit. An SEO audit takes a look at your overall SEO performance using technologies like an SEO audit tool.

This type of audit focuses primarily on your overall web presence as it pertains to organic traffic. Some of the things a search engine optimization for look for when it's trying to rank pages are keywords, external links, organic traffic, duplicate content, bounce rate, and a few other page ranking factors.

The last two parts to the main audit are a competitor audit and a content gap analysis. We will get into those shortly. Let’s go ahead and start on the Website Audit and what it means.

Website Audit

As stated before a website audit focuses on finding all of the issues on a website that affect performance and search engine results pages or SERPs for short.

Correcting these technical issues can have a dramatic improvement of your rankings over time and help your total online presence.

We use different technologies to measure your site's performance. We generally start with a website audit tool, google search console, site crawl, website grader, or a site audit.

They include things like adding structured data, which are snippets of code that show Google the page’s content in a way that makes it easier for Google to read. They also include meta descriptions, which are in the background and helps Google know what your site is about.

And the beauty of it all is that it’s like it’s not even there. Most of the changes and tweaks we use to improve your website are in the backend where they don’t affect the appearance, style, or feel of the website. You don't see anything, your web presence improves, and it's all done with behind the scenes with on-page SEO.

The website’s loading speed is another signal Google looks when determining how the SERPs are ranked. Having a fast loading website can make the difference between the first and second spot on the first page! Having landing pages in the first spot can make a huge difference in your overall web presence and visibility.

In Google’s eyes being fast on mobile browsers is even more important than being on a desktop browser since more users are on mobile devices than compared to traditional desktop or laptop computers. This makes any given page and the website load speed extremely important to your online business.

This is why it's important to use a tool like Google Webmaster Tool, a website grader, or a site audit tool first thing to ensure all technical issues and the overall website architecture lends itself to the quickest possible and see that all on page SEO issues have been taken care of.

If you’re interested in a free website audit to find out how you can improve your website performance and finally get found on that search engine feel free to contact us immediately.

SEO Audit

As we mentioned above an SEO audit is a overall view of your search engine optimization profile. This will consist of on-page and off-page analysis and focuses on your organic traffic. Your on-page analysis will basically include the website audit and includes how the content affects the site.

There are many ways to conduct the audit. The best practice would be to use our free SEO audit tool, site crawl, site audit, google search console, google analytics, google webmaster tool. As well as checking your own site for external links, the frequency of new content, on and off page SEO. We also can't forget about where you rank with the search engine as this is one of the most, if not the most important parts. Sometimes this actually includes a social media audit as well.

An on-page audit not only looks at how the issues found on the website audit and SEO audit tool can be used to make technical improvements, and takes a deep dive into the content to get a good look at what changes, if any, need to be made.

We perform an extensive search on the site to report different KPIs such as target keywords, bounce rate, page authority, user experience, meta descriptions, landing pages, broken links, robots.txt file, and check for duplicate content or any other useful information we can find.

Once the SEO opportunities are set the next step is implementing the minimal or major changes to increase your organic traffic.

Competitor Audit

A competitor analysis looks at all of the KPIs for ranking well in your vertical, and then helps us formulate a plan to improve any shortcomings that may be present.

We look at your competitors complete profiles including their website, social media presence, backlinks profile, their on page SEO and off page SEO, as well as whole host of other KPIs.

Once we have SEO results, marketing efforts, and overall web presence of what your competitors that outrank you are doing that you’re not, we have a crystal-clear picture on exactly what needs improvement.

Content Gap Analysis

A content gap analysis takes your content and your top competitors’ content then analyzes them together to figure out what keywords and phrases the competitors that outrank you use and gives a comprehensive report of how and when to use them.

This is an important thing and it's a good idea to do so on a regular basis to help you keep your keywords fresh and individual pages optimized for your target audience.

We have a great tool that helps by using keywords, meta descriptions, and following categories and performs sort of a site audit too that spits out a list of target keywords to use on a given page.

Do you think you might need some help with your SEO plan and would like an audit to either confirm or deny your suspicions? Give us a call and we will be happy to help you with a free SEO audit that will give you the insight you need to make the right decision for you and your business.

Free Consultation

Sometimes people just need to be pointed in the right direction when it comes developing a digital strategy about your web presence, organic traffic, social media profiles, target audience, and what to do next. This is where a consultation with an expert, like our company Central Florida Media Solutions, becomes a great idea.

What does a Free Consultation Include?

There are several types of consultation that we offer, but the two most prevalent are our SEO and our business consultations. During a consultation we perform a comprehensive audit where we ask you a series of questions to give us a baseline of what your business consists of and what the overall online presence for your business looks like. This may also include a social media audit just so we have a full understanding of your web presence as a whole.

SEO Consultation

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An SEO consultation starts with a simple conversation with one of our experts that gets to know you and your business to start. After we get a general idea of how your business functions, we start gathering information about your current, if any, SEO strategies you may be following as well as go over a quick glimpse of your total web presence.

Next, we take all of the information we learned about your business and start our proprietary process to find out exactly where you are lacking in your SEO strategy and then examine how we can most improvements in the shortest amount of time.

We will then present you with short, medium, and long strategies that can employed at the same time to see gains that continue to multiply throughout the life cycle of your SEO plan.

Business Consultation

A business consultation is about your overall digital business strategy. We also have an extremely good grasp about business in general and can help business in other areas outside of the digital side of things as well.

In this type of consultation, you will again answer a lot of questions and so we can form a base level from which to work from. Following questions, we will conduct a total online presence audit. We will use an SEO tool, perform a social media audit, and digital marketing audit.

Perhaps it's your social media strategy that needs an action plan. The main goal is to use the audit tool, google search consoles and the best way to helps give us a good idea of what needs the most improvement. Through the auditing process we can determine whether your web pages or entire website needs attention. Perhaps it's your social media strategy that needs an action plan.

Through the auditing process we can determine whether your web pages or entire website needs attention. Perhaps it's your social media strategy that needs an action plan.

The main goal is to use the audit tool, google search console, and the site crawl to improve your organic search traffic, social media profiles, or digital marketing and in which order to improve them.

We will then take all of your answers and formulate a solid and easy to follow plan forward to help you take your business where it needs to be. We will then present you unlimited access to view beautiful reports of your data with notification every month if you choose to become a new client of ours.

Are you wondering about your web presence and thinking it may be time to take advantage of a free consultation with one of our SEO or digital marketing experts? Feel free to reach out and we’ll be happy to help you first thing and schedule a time for a free phone or video consultation to help get your business where you want it to be.

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