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Importance of a Great Web Design

When customers visit your website, it gives them their first impression of your business, so you will want to make a positive impact in the first few seconds. If your website looks unattractive and out of date, your website viewers will have a negative opinion of your business. Web design is important because it impacts how you are perceived.

Most people view their website as a marketing tool and not a sales tool. The purpose of a website is to help potential buyers learn what it is that a company does. If educating customers is the goal of your website, then viewing it as a sales tool is what you need to do. It needs to generate leads (marketing) and it needs to help close the deal (sales).

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At Central Florida Media Solutions we only produce websites that:

  Look great on mobile devices
  Are Easy to navigate
  Help get you noticed

With that said, generating more leads is what everyone hopes for from their website. While tactics like cold calling, email blasts or Facebook ads can help, the best way to generate leads is creating content that helps potential buyers make the best decision. Knowing what the customers care about and creating the appropriate content is the first step.

Another factor in web design is the security of the client information portal. Think of the client portal as a secure way to exchange sensitive information with your customers. Anyone who has used online banking or online shopping, has used a client portal and understands how important securing their data is to them.

You can share invoices, quotes, credit card information, and other important details here, so you won’t have to send emails or make phone calls. Another example of a business needing a client information portal would that of a healthcare organization or medical provider, where security is a must.

Elements of a Good Web Design

Many businesses overlook the importance of usability when it comes to their website. A successful web design should not only look good, but be easy to navigate and provide a pleasant experience for visitors. Other best practices should include easy-to-use menus, content that is easy to scan, and fast load times. These are among a few factors to consider when making your site user-friendly.

These days, creating a mobile-friendly website is a necessity since more and more people are using their mobile devices to access the internet. With a mobile-friendly site, you can reach a larger audience. A website that is compatible with your phone also keeps the consumer’s attention and makes it easier for a customer to contact you.

Having good Call-to-Action throughout your website is important if you want potential buyers to do as you’d like, which is to buy your product or service. Being concise, compelling, and direct will put focus on what’s important, and that is to motivate the person viewing you web page to become a customer.

To get to the top of a Google search, you’re going to need great content. However, high quality content doesn’t mean you’ll be on the first page of results, so having an SEO strategy is important. Using Google Analytics could be a part of this strategy. Optimizing the content on your website for search engines is how you will get ahead in the digital marketing game.

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Website Development Team

Web design is important because it affects how customers perceive your product and business. And we all know the goal of your business is growth. Therefore, hiring the right web design professionals is the key to winning over customers and keeping them.

When you think of web design, you have UX designers and UI designers. UX design refers to the term “user experience design” while UI stands for “user interface design”. Both of these play an essential role in user experience and application.

An experienced web developer will help you become competitive in the world of ecommerce. Businesses that don’t employ an experienced designer risk losing customers.

Make sure you have a qualified designer, he or she will know many languages such as PHP, Javascript, SQL, HTML, and CSS among others. They will also understand the importance of Application Program Interfaces (API), which is how a connection is established between a website and an external application.

A quality web design team will have expertise with different database types like network, relational, and hierarchical to name a few. External integration knowledge is a must, along with test expertise, which is testing the website for user efficiency and running tests for bugs. And last but not least, they will have extensive server knowledge.

Requirements for design include elements like these:

  • Look and feel
  • User experience
  • Web Accessibility
  • Functionality
  • External integration
  • Lead pages
  • Many more
Responsive website design

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Website Development Capabilities

Responsive website design

It’s a possibility that people will judge how you will treat them by looking at your website. If you don’t put any effort into your website’s design, your audience may assume you won’t offer much assistance when they need it. If you have the right website development team, then you can be confident that the first impression your website gives will be very favorable.

On this team will be the UX and the UI designer. The UX designer thinks about how the experience is for the user. Is it smooth and straightforward or is it clumsy and puzzling? The UX is determined by how easy it is to interact with what the UI designer has created.

The UI designer will consider the color scheme, the text, the images, and everything else the user interacts with on your web page.

Obviously, a sleek and easy to navigate website is important, so having the right web designer is a must. To ensure you have the right designer, they will know the languages, have knowledge of the different databases, be familiar with APIs and have extensive server knowledge.

mission, vision, values
  1. What is your mission?
  2. What is your vision?
  3. What are your values?

Additional Web Design Services

The best web design team will have experience with search engine optimization. SEO is the art of getting pages to rank high in searches such as in a Google search. Content is very important in writing and structuring your website.

Search engines use an algorithm to govern what shows up in a search and content is important. The search engines analyze the content of each webpage to see if it is relevant to the subject or question asked.

Next, we take a look at technical SEO. Technical search engine optimization has to do with website and server enhancement to improve rankings when someone does a search or raises a query. Websites that contain certain technical characteristics will get preferential treatment during a search.

Last but not least, a good team will understand structured data and how it is used. Structured data is data that is organized and written in a detailed way so that search engines will understand it. This will result in “richer” results from a search.

A rather simple example would be if you had a cookie recipe posted online and in that recipe you included much more information than just the ingredients. Including bake time and calories will bring about “richer” results. Basically, structured data is a way to spoon-feed a search engine like Bing or Google detailed information that will get your website to the top.

Having excellent sales experience on a web development team will mean they have more than adequate knowledge of successful CTAs or calls-to-action. Carefully created CTA encourages a visitor to your website to act and not abandon their shopping cart or move on to the next website.

Clicking on the CTA link or button makes that visitor a sales lead, and compelling calls-to-action will turn that lead into a sale. Simply put, strong CTA can generate leads, resulting in sales, new business, and new clients.

Best Website Design

Mobile Responsive

Now more than ever, people are using their mobile devices for shopping and researching products and services. Depending upon the user, device, and what is being researched, the layout and readability can change to suit their needs. And this doesn’t apply to just phones, but to tablets and laptops as well.

Even large screen TVs need to be considered when designing a website. Higher resolution will be needed, plus it needs to support shared functionality since TVs are normally shared by more than one person.

User Experience

User experience (UX) focuses on the user and understanding what they need and value. Your customers are users of your website and you want them to be satisfied with the experience they have with your company or small business. Good flow of information is essential when the desired outcome is for a user to make a decision about your product.

Good flow takes the consumer to what is called a “sales funnel”. This is a multi-step path that turns a potential customer into a customer. The funnel concept is used to follow users through the stages of a sale.

The top of the funnel can be viewed as leads generated and the bottom of the funnel can be viewed as the actual customers converted by the end of the process. It goes without saying that a good use of a sales funnel will result in more business for you.

User Interface (UI) design aims to create designs that customers will find user-friendly. Good UI will be clear, concise, attractive, and efficient. Basically, it should be easy for your target audience to make a purchase.

Website Maintenance

Good Call-to-Action (CTA) Throughout the Page

Because it’s so important, CTA is worth talking about again. CTA should be the most important part of marketing. It’s often the difference between a potential customer and a definite customer. With lead generating CTA, it can attract the right buyer at the right time. This is an excellent sales tool since you know the visitors to your site are truly potential customers.

Content That Has Been Optimized for Search Engines

When we bring up competitor research, the main goal is to find more keyword opportunities than your competitor. Your competitors are a goldmine of information that can help you learn what works and what doesn’t, and helps you to find your competitors’ weaknesses. You need to get insight into what is working for others in your market, improve upon them and get ahead.

Using a content gap analysis is one way to research your competitor. It is the process of taking all the keywords your competitor uses to rank high then subtract the keywords from your site. This will give you a list of keywords your website should be using.

Best practices for website design also include on-page optimization and using structured data. On-page optimization is the practice of optimizing web pages to gain relevant traffic. Structured data is using data written with details to get “richer” results. Good web design will make use of all these actions.



Perform objective brand analysis, complete keyword research, and create ranking strategy.



We create some initial design drafts for your website, review the options with you, and choose one concept.



Our web development team makes SEO-friendly content then designs a clean information architecture and visual design that all function together.



Once completed our team of experts will deploy your site but are always available for any updates you may need.

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Information Architecture Design

User Experience Design

Website Content Strategy

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Cross Browser and Platform Testing

Website Maintenance

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Website Design Concept Creation

There are points of consideration when designing a website. First, it’s best to make many mock-ups from which to select your final design. The mock-ups should contain possible logos and any custom artwork that is created so there is an idea of what the final website will look like. Make sure to choose colors, fonts and styles that best convey what image you’d like your business to put forth. Visual elements are important since appealing design means you’ll have engaged users.

Information Architecture Design Creation

To the consumer, being able to find exactly what we need and where to find it has become the standard. This is no coincidence. Our team of skilled professionals who create the websites we produce work meticulously to make sure the flow of information on each page guides the potential buyer to become a buyer. Along with the flow of information, the website may need strong database architecture, especially if it contains large quantities of data that is relational in some way.

Attention to detail must be made and useful code must be written in order to ensure the performance of their architecture. After the database is completed, the database architect will work to correct any oversights or problems.

Website Initial Draft Creation

For every website designed, there is a starting point. After getting from the client what their vision is for the website, a design concept is crafted. This will include basic stock photos, logos, artwork, and styles the client wishes to include. All this information is included in the website design in its creation stage. Then, basic functionality is integrated into the site.

Customer Feedback on the Draft

By now, there is enough work done to show the client the draft. The draft is demonstrated to the customer and they will likely have changes or updates to make. Once the changes have been made, the client will give approval to continue.

Complete the Development

In this stage, there continues to be contact with the client resulting in more feedback and changes. Next, the functionality is reviewed to make sure it is easy to navigate, it is organized, and is fast loading. All the design elements are verified by the client.

Perform Integration and Test

Before the website is launched, it undergoes testing and integration. Integration is simply bringing together all the pieces that comprise the website. The testing is for the purpose of making sure everything works as it should. For instance, are forms easy to fill out or do the call-to-action buttons work?

Final Customer Feedback and Approval

After the testing is completed, there will be the final demonstration with the customer. The validation test is performed, which is confirming with the client that the website will meet the needs of the customer. Any issues are dealt with, alterations are made, then final approval is made by the client.

Website Launch

Once everything has been approved and it’s clear the website is working as it should, determining the environment needed for the website is next. Site functionality will determine the needs of the environment.

For example, hosting a small blogging community could be handled by a shared server environment but much larger, more active sites that manage entire businesses where thousands of visitors come each day, should use a dedicated server. Knowing that the launch location meets the needs is crucial before the site is deployed.

Website Maintenance

Last on the list, but certainly not least, is website maintenance. Like any business tool, your website will need regular check-ups. It will need security updates and bug fixes, website forms and checkout processes will need to be reviewed. Basically, any updates to information will need to be made regularly and upon request, along with modifying or adding functionality.

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