How Do I Use a Call to Action on My Website?

Website Call-to-action

Every business has a goal that it wants its website to accomplish, or maybe even multiple goals. The call to action is the tool these websites have to help complete goals and make the process easier on their users. Whether you want your users to make a purchase, sign up for a subscription, or provide contact information a strong call to action will urge them to take that step. Using calls to action effectively will improve your conversions and make your website more productive overall.

Connect Them to You Socially

There are many reasons to use a call to action and one that is really beneficial in the modern market is to have your website visitors follow you on social media. Your social media platform gives you the space to connect with customers more personally and keep them informed of your business activities. Creating a call to action on your website that asks customers to follow you on social media will allow you to maintain the relationship even after your customer leaves your website. When you ask your users to follow you on social media, make it a point to show how their follow will bring them value both to their social media use and their future with your company.

Get Them on Your Email List

Another great way to connect with your customers is through your email list. A call to action can make it easy for customers to sign up for your email list so they start to receive regular communication from your business. When you understand what your customers want from your business, you can use that as an incentive in your call to action, so they know they are rewarded for signing up for email contact. When customers can see the value in your newsletter they are much more likely to sign up and follow through when they do receive emails from your business.

Buy a Product

One of the most important calls to action that a website should have is to encourage customers to make a purchase. It helps to make purchasing an item as simple as possible for your customers. Having easy purchase options will boost your sales. One way to do this is to offer multiple payment types so you can meet the needs of each customer. Simplify the purchasing process so your customers can easily make a purchase and move on with the other things they need to do. Suggesting additional products at the checkout page can be a great way to inspire even more purchases.

Leave a Review

Reviews are one of the best tools you have to advertise your products. That’s why it is important to ask your customers to leave reviews after making a purchase. Choose a clear call to action and include a link to your review page so it is as simple as possible. Occasionally, you will receive bad reviews, but those reviews are still useful. Make sure to respond to negative reviews promptly and kindly so you can help your customers to resolve the issue. Once the issue is resolved you can often get them to change their negative review to a positive with the right call to action.

Ask for Referrals

Another great call to action that every website should have is a call for referrals. Getting referrals from your customers is a great way to build your business and to start new customer relationships with an increased level of trust. When you create a call to action for referrals, it can be helpful to offer benefits to your customers when their referral follows through. Discounts on future purchases are a great option that will bring the initial customer back to your business after they make a referral. A gift card is another great option that will reward the referral and result in future business.

Share a Purchase on Social Media

Another great call to action that can help you bring more attention to your business is to have customers share their purchase on social media. Making it easy for customers to share their purchase will help you to get more attention and to build your following on social media platforms. Every new connection on social media is a small way to continue growing as a business. Asking for these shares as part of a contest is a great way to incentivize posts about your company and the quality products you create.

Using calls to action effectively will help you grow your business and make a positive reputation for yourself. Don’t be afraid to branch out and try new calls to action to see how they work for your business and your goals. Every company can use calls to action in unique ways, but covering the basics will ensure that your business continues to be as successful as possible.


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