Land Clearing Team

Land Clearing Team

What The Client Wanted: A simple one page website that would inform their customer about their services and help them get in touch easily.

Solution: Provide the client with a custom-coded static website that will provide a clean custom user interface, on a very fast mobile-friendly user interface.

Technology: PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Project Specifics: The client wanted to have a very fast mobile-responsive website that provides simple information about the company, the services they offer, and gives them easy ways to reach out to the company.

Who The Client Is: Land Clearing LLC is more than just a single company, they are composed of a large team of industry professionals that can handle any land clearing project; no matter the task. With a combined 50+ years experience in land projects across the state of Florida,

Land Clearing LLC has quickly become the industry leader in customer satisfaction, which is their top priority at all times. Operating with such high corporate standards is not an easy task to achieve and can be solely attributed to the multiple professionals involved. Since the start of the company, they have operated on 3 principles which are visible on every project they do:

  • They will show up on time, ready to work and have fun. They love this stuff!
  • They will treat your property as if it was theirs.
  • There will be open communication before, during and after all projects between their company and the property owner.


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