Headlands Research Sarasota

Headlands Research Sarasota

What The Client Wanted: Clean modern website with custom capabilities for adding, editing, and updating their website in-house, including the constantly changing clinical studies and trials.

Solution: Provide the visitor a clean modern design that is easy to use and simple to navigate, with all the required customization done on the backend.

Technology: WordPress, Customized Plugins, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Project Specifics: The client was looking for a website that would be extremely easy to navigate and find information. The goal was to inform and engage with clients that are interested in various clinical trial and clinical studies.

Who The Client Is: Headlands Research is the leading globally integrated clinical trial site organization with the mission of dramatically improving the clinical trials process.

Our Sarasota location will specialize in general medicine and psychiatric clinical research trials, such as Diabetes, Migraine, and Depression. With an experienced and compassionate staff, our goal is to make sure you have access to new and exciting clinical research trials so everyone can make a better tomorrow together.


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