Marketing Actions That Pay High Dividends

Digital Marketing Dividends

Don’t you wish it was the small, simple things that increased profit? Most of marketing strategizing is complex, it’s true—but there actually are simple actions you can take that will significantly benefit your marketing. Here’s a few things you might have skipped over or forgotten about that could pay high dividends for your business.

Completing Your Social Media Profiles

You have created a profile, named it, and put up a picture. Done, right? Wrong. In fact, most people don’t realize just how much goes into creating a social media profile that looks complete and professional—not to mention that how to do so varies widely depending on whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! Even if you have put in your business’s description, open hours, cover photo, and links, have you posted regularly? Have you built up an album of pictures and images that showcase your brand for the more visual channels, or followed enough people for the more text-centric channels? There’s a lot that makes up a profile, and it’s one of the first places people will interact with your business these days. Make sure to deliver a good first impression!

Claiming Your Business

Did you know 90% of people search for local businesses online and 82% pay attention to online reviews? Places like Google, Yelp, Four Square, Trip Advisor, and others can help potential customers find you and get an idea of what all you’re about. Not convinced yet? Statistics show that claiming your Google My Business page can increase revenue by up to 58%. That’s a big raise, considering all you have to do to get it is create an account and add a bit of information about your business. Include a few pictures too, and you’ll be in even better shape for new customers!

Joining Online Communities

Social media, and really the internet in general, is all about connection. That’s why marketing works so well in this sphere, especially if you find the places where your target market is virtually hanging. Getting an understanding of the online communities you should interact with may be as simple as looking at the types of hashtags your target market uses, the groups they join, or the pages they follow. Once you get an idea, engaging yourself in those communities will quickly get you noticed by the right people.

The internet may seem too crowded already for your business to get noticed. There are a few simple best practices, however, that will get your foot in the door. Get your social media going and your business on search engines, and you’ll be surprised at how much more your marketing will pay off!


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