How to Use Linkedin for Your Company

LinkedIn for your business

With close to half a billion users across the globe, LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networking sites for professionals. The most exciting fact about the platform is that 41 percent of millionaires use the platform, and more than 40 percent of LinkedIn users make more than 75 thousand dollars annually. The social networking site is, therefore, one of the best places where brands can create a digital conversation about their products and even run marketing campaigns. Here are a few tips on how you can use LinkedIn for your business.

Blog posts to position you as a thought leader

LinkedIn is where people come to when they want to get a sound career or entrepreneurial advice. If you are going to position your brand as a thought leader in your niche, you need to start creating well-crafted, and information-rich blog posts on topics revolving around your area of expertise. A good example of this is the Real Estate Elevated blog on Linkedin, where they have several well curated articles discussing all sorts of topics within the real estate industry. When readers start viewing you as a thought leader in a niche, they are likely to trust your product or service and even refer buyers.

A platform to showcase your CSI strategy

In the past, companies used to capitalize on corporate social responsibility, which is more reactive in nature, at the expense of CSI. However, brands are now realizing that if they want to create brand equity and create an emotional connection between themselves and their clientele, they need a well-crafted CSI strategy. LinkedIn is the best platform to roll out your company’s corporate social investment plan. Remember that CSI and PR, in general, is the art of marketing without marketing, and when followers associate your brand with social responsibility, brand love is boosted, and this will be good for the bottom line, and the brand equity.

Digital marketing platform

LinkedIn has developed a lot over the years, and currently, the platform has been developing into a robust digital marketing tool, especially for B2B brands. It has inbuilt analytic tools which give insights about followers, making it easy to create and execute successful marketing campaigns. A nice example of a Linkedin profile that uses its presence on the site for a net positive is Central Florida Media Solutions, their profile is clean and easy to understand what they do for potential clients, present clients, and even prospective employees. Analytic tools help you measure the success of a campaign so as to refine it for future results.

When used correctly, LinkedIn is the social networking site which has the ability to reach a lot of people and consolidate your digital marketing campaigns. The first and most crucial step in the process is selecting your audience and making sure that the messages you are crafting for them resonate well with them.


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