How Do I Integrate My Social Media and My Website?

Integrating Social Media

Social media is the best tool that any business has access to in this society of technology-driven markets. Utilizing the exposure you can gain from social media platforms can boost your customer population, customer loyalty, and lead you towards helpful trends in customer-experience expectation. Combine the benefits of social media presence and the business that takes place on your company website, by integrating the two in an effective marketing strategy. Here are a few ways you can do so!

Create a Content Calendar

Consistent content is key to maintaining customer attention. Managing the creation of, publication of, and follow up on this content is chaotic without some sort of schedule! Create a content calendar that covers both your website and your social media—determine what kind of material your customers will find interesting, exciting, different, and (most importantly) relevant. Find creative ways to mix up the presentation of this content! Interactive material engages consumers and keeps them curious. You can also take advantage of social media by using it as a channel for feedback from customers, adapting and evolving your strategies for content creation and/or publication as you go. Keep your material straight and keep it effective by producing it in an organized, connective way, and improving your public presentation along the way!

Provide Links

The easier you make the connection between a website and social media, the more likely your “followers” (or visitors) will be to click on your website and explore your web pages. Interested individuals will become significantly less interested if they have to exit their current page to even “search” for your business. The first thing you should do when setting up a social media profile is to provide the link to your webpage. Hyperlinks are an asset to your web traffic! Make any content that you post accessible on both your social media pages and your website, and reference the opportunity to “learn more” or “try out” or “check out” the additional information available on that business-centered site. Link to various sections or pages within your website to increase exposure to areas that could otherwise go unviewed and unappreciated.

Offer Sales Everywhere

As viewers buzz through photos and blurbs and clickbait headlines, good sales will stand out of the otherwise mindless content. In addition to linking your content centered web pages to social media posts, you can actually sell directly from these platforms! Instagram has introduced features that allow you to sell from your profile, which lets you capture new customers earlier. This is another opportunity to make connections to your business easily accessible. Take advantage of the selling capabilities these platforms offer, essentially spreading the function of your main website to a more highly trafficked avenue.

Respond to Customer Service Requests

Another benefit of social media is the ability to interact with consumers. Your posts are an opportunity to present information that should connect the customer to the vision (i.e. the products or services) of your business. They are also an opportunity for customers to provide you feedback. “Questions, comments and concerns” are essential for understanding customer expectations. Responding to these comments shows consumers that you are serious about their input, dedicated to their experience, and intent on improving. Plus, it makes them feel acknowledged as an important part of your business.

Go Both Ways

Don’t focus solely on putting website content into social media formatting. Try doing that in reverse! Create a section of your website dedicated to the successful parts of your social media marketing. Offer a space for your customers to be spotlighted, show off your “wins”, or simply demonstrate that you are as much a part of the 21st century social scene as your customers are. 

Social media platforms function as a constant broadcast of information; by pulling it directly onto your webpage, anyone who has accessed your website through web searches can connect your business to an even more personal “profile” of their lives, which will make your business a greater presence during their daily web-surfing.

Social Media Logins

Having your website visitors stay connected to your business through subscription allows you to update your customers, provide them with personalized information, and more. However, creating a different profile on every website you visit gets annoying very quickly. You can enable your website to use social media profiles as logins to your website! This cuts out the frustration with having a new username and password to remember. Even better, it allows you to collect demographic information about these consumers, which will help you track your target audience. Make “logins” easier on them, easier on you, and more productive all around.

Mix the strengths of both your social media profile and the website that drives your business. This effective strategy for marketing will pull consumers into your company through both personal and professional content and interaction that will lead you to the success you want!

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